The Spanish cabinet next steps discuss

The Spanish cabinet is to discuss the next steps in the process of King Juan Carlos’s abdication and the accession of his son, Crown Prince Felipe.

The king announced on Monday his intention to abdicate after nearly 40 years on the throne.

Ministers will discuss the steps needed to approve Crown Prince Felipe’s accession to the throne.

Juan Carlos was seen as popular for much of his reign, but recently many Spaniards have lost confidence in him.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said the cabinet would consider “constitutional measures” needed to clear the way for the succession.
Spanish newspapers published special editions on Monday evening to react to the abdication
The Spanish constitution does not have a precise law regulating abdication and royal succession.

Mr Rajoy’s emergency cabinet meeting will draft an abdication law which must then be approved by parliament. Correspondents say that the process could take as long as a month.

The two main parties in parliament remain loyal to the monarchy.

But most left-wing parties are opposed and staged demonstrations attended by tens of thousands of people across many cities including Madrid and Barcelona.

“Send the Bourbons to the sharks!” protesters chanted in Madrid. The Spanish royal family is a branch of the House of Bourbon.

Many demonstrators are demanding a referendum on the future of the monarchy.

Spanish media say Prince Felipe will be proclaimed King Felipe VI by parliament on 6 June and a coronation ceremony will be held soon afterwards.

It is not clear when exactly that will be – King Juan Carlos was crowned five days after parliament proclaimed his as king.

The new king will inherit an institution that has been tarnished by scandals in recent years.

Donald Sterling signed the Los Angeles Clippers

Donald Sterling has signed the Los Angeles Clippers over to his wife Shelly, a source close to the team confirmed today to ABC News.

Shelly Sterling, who previously shared ownership of the beleaguered NBA franchise with her estranged husband, is now in talks with the NBA over selling the team, the source said.

The NBA banned Donald Sterling for life from all league events after an audio tape became public that caught him on tape uttering racist comments to his assistant V. Stiviano. He told her not to post photos of herself with black people on Instagram — such as Magic Johnson — or bring them to his basketball games.

ESPN reports that Donald has agreed to allow Shelly to negotiate the sale.

Why It’s Taking the NBA So Long to Get Rid of Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling: ‘I’m not a racist’

Mark Cuban Admits He’s ‘Prejudiced, Bigoted’ in Candid Interview

On Monday, ESPN reported that the NBA had charged Sterling with damaging the league with his racist comments and set a hearing for June 3, after which other team owners will vote to decide the future of his ownership of the Clippers.

Sterling initially planned to fight to retain ownership, but changed his mind this week, ESPN reported.

The NBA also said the banned owner has engaged in other conduct that has impaired its relationship with fans and merchandising partners.

world’s most interesting roads

As Robert Frost knew well, the road less travelled is often the more interesting choice – at least when it comes to talking about one’s travels. In order to find some routes both less-trodden and worth bragging about, we asked the users at question-and-answer site Quora “What are the world’s most interesting roads?”
While some readers described routes that traverse one of the world’s coldest regions, or tunnels that only measure 4m wide, other respondents took our question to its limit, recommending roads that were not only interesting, but dangerous as well. In those cases, the roads are less frequented for a reason: read on for terrifying drop-offs, unpredictable mudslides and a complete lack of concrete paving.
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National Road 5, Madagascar
For National Road 5, which runs north-south between the towns of Maroantsetra (pictured here) and Soanierana-Ivongo on the African country’s east coast, “you need to hire both a driver and a mechanic,” said Anders Alm, chief technology officer for WAU, a travel agency that provides regular trips to the area. If you’re “bored of concrete”, he added, this drive – which he called “the worst road in the world” – would be one way to change it up.
With sections of sand, solid rock and even worn-down bridges that drivers must inspect before crossing, the 200km road takes nearly 24 hours to drive. It turns especially treacherous during the rainy season (December to March), when the lack of asphalt or concrete paving leads the road to become impassable in many spots.
The upside? Most of National Road 5 runs along the white sand coastline, providing spectacular views of palm tree forests and the Indian Ocean.

Khloé Kardashian posted love quotes

It must be getting serious!

Khloé Kardashian has introduced her new beau, rapper French Montana, to her famous family.

“I love you papi @frenchmontana #nobunight,” wrote her mom, Kris Jenner, along with a selfie.

“I love you Mami,” he responded.

Kardashian and Montana, whose real name is Karim Kharbouch, were linked last month after they went on a series of dates. At that point, they’d even double-dated with her older sister Kourtney, and Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott Disick.

Khloé Kardashian Takes Shots at Brother, Whole Family on ‘Chelsea Lately’

A rep for the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star did not respond to a request for comment.

Kardashian has not yet spoken out about the relationship, though she has posted love quotes to Instagram recently.

“And in the end, we were all just humans, runk on the idea that love; only love, could heal our brokenness,” she posted.

crazy! One-Child Policy Can Boost Auto Makers

How China’s One-Child Policy Can Boost Auto Makers

Auto makers displaying their latest models at this week’s auto show in Beijing are trying as hard as they can to look cool: Hiring young movie actors and pop stars to pose with their cars and featuring trendy looking 20-somethings in their ads.

Pitching cars to younger buyers isn’t a new thing for the auto industry, but China’s demographics put a new spin on things. There are millions of Chinese under 30 who are only children, a legacy of the country’s one-child policy. And these children have parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who are eager to see them get a good start in life, says Ford Motor Co. chief of sales and marketing Jim Farley.

In contrast to many Americans under 30 who are burdened with college debts or wrestling with a sluggish job market, China’s young consumers ‘have incredible resources, ‘ he says.

This helps to explain the prevalence of youth-targeted designs at the Beijing auto show. Several auto makers, including Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz, showcased what they described as sport-utility vehicle coupes — SUVs with fast-looking roof lines that look to be borrowed from a sports car.

This look hasn’t been a big seller in the U.S. — where buyers are older. But in China, it sells, says BMW AG’s global sales and marketing chief Ian Robertson. BMW has sold 250, 000 of its X6 SUVs in China since the model, a pioneer of the coupe SUV look, was launched.

Still, China is a huge auto market, and has room for more than one vehicle concept. Ford, which has boosted its sales substantially during the past two years in large part because of a new fleet of SUVs, has on its Beijing auto show stand a prototype for a blocky, rugged, off-road worthy SUV that it could build on the mechanical foundations of its Ranger pickup truck. The company hasn’t said when such a vehicle might launch.

FedEx issued a statement saying

An employee armed with a shotgun injured six people at a FedEx warehouse in Georgia early this morning before he ended the carnage by shooting himself, police said.vintage tube

Three of the injured are listed in critical condition and two were in surgery, a hospital said. Two of the injuries were described as “life threatening.”

The shooting erupted at 5:54 a.m. at a warehouse 1675 Airport Road, Kennesaw, near the Cobb County Airport, said police spokesman Sgt. Dana Pierce. He said the police were alerted by a numerous 911 calls that there was an active shooter in the building.

More than 100 police and federal officers arrived at the sprawling FedEx hub and surrounded the building, but shortly before 9 a.m. police said the man suspected of carrying out the shooting was dead.港台娛樂

Active Shooter Incidents Have Spiked in Recent Years

The alleged gunman was described only as a FedEx employee who as a package handler, Pierce said. “As far as I know, he worked at this location,” the officer said.

His body was found in the Bay Area of the warehouse and a weapon was found with him.

“When he was found we know that he had a shotgun. It was the only weapon he had at that time… He deceased from what we believe was a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” the sergeant said.

Police continued to carry out a sweep of the building “to make sure there are no secondary devices the shooter may have planted,” Pierce said. He said the gunman’s car and home would also be searched. He said police dogs were also being used in the search.

The six injured were taken to WellStar Kennestone Hospital.

Two of the injured, a 28-year-old man and a 52-year-old woman were in surgery and their injuries were called life threatening, by a hospital spokesman. The man was on a ventilator, the hospital said.

A third person, a 22-year-old man, was also listed as critical condition.九成按揭

The other victims included a man, 38, who was in stable condition, a woman, 42, who was treated and released, and a man, 19, who about to be released.

A doctor from the facility said the wounds “appear to be (the result of) shotgun blast projectiles.”

Federal authorities joined a large number of Cobb County police at the warehouse. The federal officers included agents from Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as well as FBI bomb technicians, officials said.

FedEx issued a statement saying, “FedEx is aware of the situation. Our primary concern is the safety and wellbeing of our team members, first responders and others affected. FedEx is cooperating with authorities.”

Company spokesman Scott Fiedler later said, “We can confirm that an incident occurred early Tuesday morning at a FedEx Ground facility in Kennesaw, Georgia. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected, and with their families and friends… The situation is now stabilized and we are focused on the needs of our team members and cooperating with the law enforcement investigation of this tragedy.”